Not every state has pet overpopulation like Oklahoma. That is why the Oklahoma Humane Society relocates pets every week to other states to help save lives.

The issue is clear in Oklahoma: Pet overpopulation is real and is present in our local shelters. It is hard to imagine that elsewhere in our country, pet overpopulation isn’t as prevalent as it is here. To help drastically move the number of lives being saved, OK Humane is doing relocation.


What is relocation?

Our Homeward Bound Relocation Program jumps into action each weekend with a load of 30-35 dogs being taken to places who need more adoptable pets like Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and Milwaukee. Better yet, many of our relocation partners need big dogs —something we have plenty of in Oklahoma.

How do you get involved?

We need your help! Weekly transports require many people to help make it happen. After joining our volunteer army, some of the ways you can help include:

  • Bathing dogs and puppies
  • Loading up dogs for the big journey
  • Driving the dogs to their new location