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  • Veterinary Assistant
    Department Spay & Neuter Clinic
    Immediate Supervisor Darian Pearn
    Status Full-Time

    Veterinary Assistant

    OK Humane is a high-volume, affordable spay/neuter clinic that services performs an average of 65 spay/neuter surgeries a day. We also see 20 animals a day for vaccinations and general health check-ups.

    We are a high energy, dynamic team that works hard every day to provide every pet that walks through our doors with care, compassion, and top-notch customer service. Want to join our team?

    We are looking for a veterinary assistant! This position is the backbone of our surgery team. From assisting in surgery, answering owner’s questions, and keeping the clinic clean and organized, there is never a dull moment in a vet assistant’s day.

    Here’s who we’re looking for:

    • You like to MOVE! Sitting at a desk makes you antsy, and you’d rather hustle through your day than dawdle in front of a computer.
    • One of your catchphrases is, “How can I help?”—you always bring your best to every situation and contribute however you can.
    • Bring on the multi-tasking! You can make a sandwich, file your taxes, walk your dog AND call your grandma at the same time.
    • You love the sensation that comes from being on a team and accomplishing the impossible with a solid group effort.
    • Nothing would make you prouder than to be a part of an effort to reduce pet overpopulation in our community.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    In accordance with organizational policies, duties include but are not limited to:

    • Perform daily cleaning of kennels, cages and public areas when necessary.
    • Spot clean throughout the day.
    • Clean prep room and operating room at the end of the day.
    • Wash and sterilize all surgical packs throughout the day.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Restrain all patients during anesthesia induction and intubation.
    • Monitor all patients on gas anesthesia.
    • Prepare patients for surgery as instructed.
    • Transport patients from prep room to operating room.
    • Assist veterinarians in surgery as needed.
    • Keep veterinary lead assistant informed of animal behavior, health, or concerns.
    • Administer animal vaccinations, tests, medications and treatments as directed.
    • Assist clients with necessary paperwork.
    • Monitor patients in recovery.
    • Provide excellent patient care.

    Job Requirements:

    • Must be able to learn basic veterinary medical concepts including but not limited to vaccine protocols and anesthetic risks.
    • Must also be able to communicate basic veterinary concepts to owners and be able to repeat information relayed by a veterinarian.
    • Will be asked to communicate with the public on a daily basis in a professional manner.
    • Ability to follow directions and multitask.

    Physical Requirements:

    Work may be performed in a kennel/shelter setting and/or outdoors.

    • Must be able to work standing or sitting for 8 or more hours.
    • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds repeatedly throughout the day with help.
    • Must be able to bend and kneel repeatedly.
    • Must have good range of motion in joints especially wrist, knees, elbows.
    • Must have good range of motion in your back, for instance twisting.
    • Must be able to work in potentially extreme environmental temperatures.
    • Must be able to use a ladder and or step stool.
    • Must possess excellent hand-eye coordination.
    • Must possess an acceptable degree of dexterity in hands and fingers. Exposure to disinfectant solutions when cleaning.
    • Subject to animal bites and scratches while handling animals of questionable temperament.

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