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Connecting with Our Community

OK Humane would not be able to fulfill its mission without the support of our community – from our donor’s generosity to our amazing volunteers, to our adopters, to the community’s general advocacy and awareness – so it’s vital that we get out and connect with people. The OK Humane Outreach Program does this in a variety of ways, always promoting our mission, programs, and services offered across the state.

If you would like OK Humane to attend your next event, please email volunteer@okhumane.org.

OK Humane Education and Outreach Program

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Outreach and Education at Work

OK Humane Education and Outreach Program

Humane Education

Humane Education is a transformative program that nurtures compassion and respect for all living beings.

Program Mission:

The Humane Education Program will utilize compassion as a tool to educate Oklahoma’s youth, to ignite a fresh up and coming culture inclusive of community and the ethical and respective treatment of animals and people alike.

What does your program do:

The Humane Education Program educates Oklahoma’s youth on community and compassion by providing fun and interactive lesson plans/activities. We believe children learn best when having fun and strive to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Why is your program needed?

Oklahoma struggles with a massive dog and cat overpopulation problem. By educating the youth of Oklahoma on humane education, we strive to create a culture where families will be able to keep pets in the home instead of surrendering them due to a lack of available resources. 

Our curriculum will inspire youths to nurture sustainable and just connections of the human-animal bond. By teaching children how to read animal body language, safety when greeting and interacting with animals, encouraging proper animal care, and promoting animal enrichment OK Humane hopes to positively change the landscape of animal welfare across Oklahoma.

Who does your program help:

Everyone! Animal welfare is often an indicator of human health and welfare-It is commonly recognized that a healthy state of animal welfare can be associated with a healthier state of community and human welfare.

Our target audience for this program is Oklahoma’s youth (18 and under) However we strive to get the whole family involved-even the furry ones!

Community Engagement | OK Humane Society
Community Engagement

Our Outreach team attends a wide variety of community events throughout the year, including farmer’s markets, animal-related events, pop-up events, wellness fairs, and more. We are eager to collaborate with various organizations in the community to assist in providing educational opportunities to learn more about the best solutions for the pet owners and the pets in their lives.

Community Engagement | OK Humane Society
Volunteer Engagement

Have you heard OK Humane has been voted “Best Place to Volunteer” for more than 5 years? Learn more about partnering with OK Humane to find fun opportunities where you can serve or talk about the organization’s mission and make an impact in your community.

Community Engagement | OK Humane Society
Foster Involvement

We are always looking for new foster families! Learn more about fostering and the various ways you can enrich a pet’s life through our foster programs. Our programs offer opportunities to help serve families of domestic violence, the tiniest of pets through the neonate nursery or even taking our pets out for a day through foster field trips.

See all the dogs we have available for adoption.

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See all the dogs we have available for adoption.

See all the cats we have available for adoption.

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