Snuggle Service

OK Humane Snuggle Service

Is there anything better for morale than puppies and kittens?! This is such a popular request we how have a program to meet your needs, the OK Humane Snuggle Service.

For a minimum donation of $500, your Snuggle Service will include an experienced OK Humane representative and puppies and/or kittens that can be cuddled by your staff. 100% of the proceeds from this event will benefit OK Humane programs.

Depending on your business size, a Snuggle Service will typically last between 30-minutes to one hour. We ask that you provide an indoor area for our pets and we’ll supply the rest. Please note that what animals we are able to bring is dependent on what we have available at that time. Although our furry visitors will not be available for adoption on-site, they will be in coming days or weeks at our Adoption Center.

Please note a Snuggle Service must be requested 3-4 weeks in advance and scheduling will depend on availability of pets at that time.

If you’re interested in booking a Snuggle Service, please contact us at