Compassionate education

Compassionate Education

Compassionate Education is a transformative program that nurtures compassion and respect for all living beings. It utilizes compassion as a tool to educate Oklahoma’s youth, to ignite a fresh, up and coming culture inclusive of community and the ethical and respective treatment of animals and people alike.

Compassionate Education Program educates Oklahoma’s youth on community and compassion by providing fun and interactive lesson plans/activities. We believe children learn best when having fun and strive to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Why is this program needed?

Oklahoma struggles with a massive dog and cat overpopulation problem. By educating the youth of Oklahoma, we strive to create a culture where families will one day be able to keep pets in the home vs surrendering them due to a lack of available resources, promote low-cost spay and neuter (age appropriate) efforts, and by encouraging kids to learn more about animal body language and behavior. These are simply a few main factors of why so many adoptable pets are brought in to and filling up our shelters. With a strong educational base, we hope that future generations will help to lower our pet overpopulation problem and lessen the amount of adoptable animals that are needlessly euthanized every year.

Program that helps everyone

Animal welfare is often an indicator of human health and welfare-It is commonly recognized that a healthy state of animal welfare can be associated with a healthier state of community and human welfare. Our target audience for this program is Oklahoma’s youth (18 and under) However we strive to get the whole family involved-even the furry ones!

Classroom resources:

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See all the dogs we have available for adoption.

See all the cats we have available for adoption.

See all the dogs we have available for adoption.

See all the cats we have available for adoption.

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