Leadership Team


Dana McCrory, President & CEO Contact
Cati Stanila, Director of Statewide Programs Contact
JJ Glenn, Director of Stewardship & Leadership Programs Contact
Darian Pearn, Spay + Neuter Clinic Manager Contact
Rachel Findley, Development & Special Events Manager Contact
Sandra Thomas, In-House Clinic Manager Contact
Cassandra Patterson, Director of Adoptions, Intake & Volunteers Contact
Angela Gates, Neonate Manager Contact
Dr. Emily Keith, DVM, Spay + Neuter Veterinarian
Dr. Jacque Stock, DVM, Spay + Neuter Veterinarian
Dr.  Macy Schneeberger, Statewide Initiative Veterinarian
Dr. Alisha Preno, DVM, Veterinarian
Dr. Amanda Elmenhorst, DVM, Medical Director & In-House Clinic Veterinarian