Cat Programs

A feral cat is a cat who is not socialized to people, not adoptable for a home environment, and wary of people.

You can find feral cats from the inner city to rural farmland in Oklahoma. Because these animals are feral, their options in local shelters in the general population are limited.

To help, the Central Oklahoma Humane Society created three programs to help our feral feline friends:

Trap, Neuter, Return Program

Truly feral cats are not candidates for adoption. They do not seek human companionship or interaction. It takes months to socialize a feral cat and they may bond to the person socializing, but may regress to a feral state when introduced to new people. TNR is the most humane option for feral cats.

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Barn Buddies 2
Barn Buddies Program

OK Humane’s Barn Buddies program is not for your average house cat! We match our most aloof, adventurous cats with caring homes who can provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to enjoy.

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