Barn Buddies Program

Barn cat 1OK Humane’s Barn Buddies program is not for your average house cat! We match our most aloof, adventurous cats with caring homes who can provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to enjoy.

What is a Barn Buddy?

Barn Buddies are cats that are independent, self-sufficient loners. They’re also known as “mousers” and “rodent managers.” They typically prefer to live outdoors, seeking accommodation in a barn or shed with a steady supply of food and water. Some Barn Buddies, with patience and kindness, will learn to trust over time and become affectionate and loving companions.

How can I adopt a Barn Buddy?

Barn buddies are available at no cost to help save more lives. Email or call 405-947-7729 to learn how you can be matched with a Barn Buddy of your own!