Neonate Program

Our Neonate Program 

Neonates are puppies and kittens that are less than six weeks old. These puppies and kittens require the most delicate and loving care to help them reach maturity and make their way into our adoption program. Without the amazing dedication of donors, volunteers, and fosters we could not save these tiny lives. Last year (2018) we were able to save 1,148 neonates through our program, and 102 nursing mothers.

Supporting Tiny Lives

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Volunteering in Our Nursery

We have many opportunities available for volunteers. “Baby season” typically starts in the spring, so our nursery becomes very busy. Volunteers in the nursery help us with day-to-day things like feeding/cleaning the living spaces of queens with kittens and older orphan kittens (4-6 weeks of age), socializing, and general tasks to help keep our nursery running.

Getting started volunteering with us is easy!  Fill out a volunteer application to get the process started!

Fostering Neonates in Your Home

Fosters are the backbone of our whole program. Without the amazing support of foster homes, we could not save as many tiny lives. This is where you come in!

We will provide an on-site orientation to discuss how our program works, how to care for neonates in your home, and we can help you decide what neonates will work best for your household.

  • Mom’s with nursing babies (various ages- dogs & cats)
  • Bottle babies (0-4 weeks old)
  • Weanlings (4-6 weeks old)

OK Humane provides all medical care and food for your fosters. Bottle baby fosters will receive a neonate kit that contains additional supplies to take home.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or would like additional information about our Neonate Program please email: