Tips for Camping with Pets

Labor Day is coming up meaning it’s almost the end of summer! This is the perfect time to get one last camping trip in before fall. If you plan to include your furry friend in your outdoor adventures, we have some great tips!

  • The Essentials – Bring plenty of food and water from home. A change in diet could cause serious stomach issues. Keep a current copy of your pet’s health records in case of an emergency vet visit. If your pet has health problems, be sure to prepare for their special needs. Also, don’t forget poo bags!
  • Creature Comforts – When traveling, pets need something familiar like their favorite foods, toys, and bedding. A mat to lie on for outside is also a good idea since most campsites consist of mainly dirt and gravel.
  • Just in Case – Expect the unexpected: pack extra leashes, collars, essentials, etc. Research vet clinics and doggie daycares in the area and contact them to discuss their policies. Pet friendly bug repellent, life vests, and extra blankets for cooler nights are also good to have!
  • Don’t Forget… – If your pet has never camped before, it’s important to properly prepare them prior to the trip. New surroundings and lots of people can be very stressful. Make sure that your pet is socialized, comfortable being on a leash or otherwise restrained, and that they obey your commands, such as coming when called and staying close to you.