Take Your Dog to Work Day Tips

This Friday is Take Your Dog to work day! Here are some great tips from the ASPCA to ensure you and your furry friend have a safe and fun day:

  • Police Your Workstation – You’ll want a dog-proof work area, so tape up loose cords and wires, put markers and other toxic (but tempting) items away, remove breakables – and then get on the floor and look around from your dog’s perspective to make sure you didn’t miss anything!
  • Keep Things Healthy – Make sure vaccinations are up to date – and if your dog is ill or recuperating, leave her at home to rest.
  • Get Collegial – Find out ahead of time if your co-workers have any allergies or dog-related fears. A baby gate or playpen may keep everyone’s boundaries intact.
  • Make It Cozy – Bring familiar items from home – your dog’s bed, favorite blanket, noiseless toy. Pack bowls, leash and ID tag, paper towels, and (just in case!) stain remover.
  • Etiquette – Give your dog a refresher course in the basics of sit, stay and come so he’s welcome in society. If your dog tends to bark or jump it may be best to leave him home until his training is complete.
  • Walk Away – Make sure needed breaks are incorporated into the day and focused on your dog’s outdoor needs. Maybe other bring-your-dog-to-workers would like to all take a walk together!
  • Stay Alert – Keep your dog on leash or behind a closed door or in a confined space at your cubicle. If she’s friendly with other dogs you might take her on a morning meet-and-greet around the office before settling down to work.