Holy Meow You Found a Kitten!


What you do next could make the difference between life and death.

Is their mother there?

YES – As tempting as it may be to scoop up the kittens and bring them in, staying with their mother is always their best chance of survival. Observe the kittens until they are 8-weeks old and then bring them in with mom to get fixed through our Trap, Neuter, Return program.

NO – Watch and wait. Mom is probably close by seeking food, water, or new shelter. If the kittens appear clean and healthy in a safe situation, mom is likely nearby. If you find a single kitten the mom may be moving the litter and you are seeing the first of many in a new spot. If after two days the mom hasn’t returned, the kittens may need human help. Keeping the kittens in your home is the best option. If you are unable to do that, as a last resort, bring the kittens to your local city shelter.

Because the Central Oklahoma Humane Society transfers kittens and puppies from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare and other city shelters, we are unable to accept animals from the public.

Hundreds of kittens are coming in city shelters from people with the best of intentions. Please share this message to save lives!