4th of July Safety for Pets

photo credit: @thephotophile

Fireworks and festivities are fun for humans on the 4th of July, but not so much for pets. In fact, the day after Independence Day is the busiest day in animal welfare. Why? Because fireworks and other festivities can be scary. Many pets flee from the sound and are found miles from their homes, disoriented, and exhausted.

These tips can help your pets enjoy the holiday a little more:

  1. Whether you are leaving your pets indoors or outdoors to enjoy the holiday festivities, it is important to secure. Fireworks can really scare dogs and cats. Before you head out, check your fences or leave them in a crate indoors to ensure your pet stays where they are safe.
  2. Keep your 4th of July celebrations to yourself. Dogs and cats cannot process certain foods or alcohol the same way as humans. It is best to stick to dog food or cat food and keep your “treats” out of reach.
  3. Matches, lighters, and charcoal can be dangerous for humans, much less pets! Be mindful of where they are placed when pets are around.
  4. Keeping the bugs away is possible with citronella candles, insect repellent sprays, and more. These products are not meant for dogs and cats at all. In fact, put those out of reach well.
  5. Don’t know how your furry friend will react to fireworks? It is best not to test your pet in a public place where they can slip their leash or worse, hurt themselves trying to get away from you. It is best to test their reaction from their kennel or home environment first.

Our staff at the Central Oklahoma Humane Society want to wish you  a wonderful Independence Day celebrating what makes America so great– our freedom.

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