Happy Tail: Nissa

Nissa the Friendly Elf

 A little love can go a long way, and Nissa’s story is proof of that. A few months ago, we accepted a very timid momma dog and her five newborn pups into our program. We named her Nissa because it means “The Friendly Elf”—our hope and goal for her future.

We knew from the beginning that she would need extra love and attention. Everything and everybody overwhelmed her to the point that she would shut down completely.

We took her in immediately so she could go to foster with her five puppies. She was an amazing momma to her puppies, but they were soon ready to be weaned then moved on without her. She was so afraid that she would just lie in the corner of her enclosure.

She then went to our in-house clinic where her real challenges began. She was given lots of acclimation time with short bits of love sprinkled in every day. After two weeks of careful adjustments, she was ready to move forward.

Over time, Nissa blossomed before our very eyes. She was slowly starting to come out of her shell so she was allowed to have free-range time at the clinic. She wanted more than anything to let her guard down around people.

A staff member took her home for a few nights to see how she would do. She loved her other dogs, the couch, and toys. She also learned to sit, wait for her food, kennel up, and how to just be a dog again. It was then we knew that she was ready for a foster. 

When Nissa arrived at her foster home, it was an adjustment for her. She would hide under the table or run to the other room if approached. However, this changed fairly quickly as she learned to trust her foster.

She began to take her on walks and let neighbors pet her. At first, Nissa was very shy, but she slowly began to trust people and now will go up to complete strangers to be petted.

She loves to walk on a leash now, and she greets people at the door with her tail wagging and jumping up and down with excitement. She comes when called and loves to get her head rubbed.

Nissa has come a long way, but she is still a work in progress and will need time to adjust to her new home. However, with some patience and understanding, she will make an amazing companion to a loving family. You’re sure to love our friendly elf just as much as we do!