Exercising Your Pet 101


Just like people, all pets need to exercise to stay healthy. It’s not only a nicety but also a necessity. Exercise provides many different benefits both physically and mentally. Regular exercise has been proven to prevent illnesses, certain health conditions, and even bad behavior. Here are some ways to ensure your cat or dog gets enough exercise and reaps the rewards of this healthy habit.


There’s a misconception that because cats don’t play fetch or chase a Frisbee that they don’t need to be played with. Cats need exercise as well as mental stimulation to avoid boredom and developing behavior problems.

Because they are natural hunters, cats like to chase things. Challenge and excite them by creating games where they hunt imaginary prey.

Play with your cat as often as you can for about ten minutes at a time. You’ll both enjoy this time together, and it will help create a strong bond between you and your feline friend.


Dogs also need exercise beyond the limits of a fenced-in yard. Every dog deserves at least one walk a day outside the yard. Walks can provide many benefits.

Walks are a bonding time for you and your dog. Active time together allows you and your dog to interact and establish mutual communication and affection. They also get to socialize with other dogs, which is especially important for puppies.

Most dogs don’t get the exercise they need. By taking walks, you and your dog will both benefit by building strength and endurance, burning calories, breathing fresh air, and exploring the neighborhood.

Taking walks also prevent boredom. Yard-bound dogs tend to get bored from lack of variety in their lives. Walks allow them the opportunity to explore their surroundings and experience new things.

As you can see, there are many benefits of pet exercise. By making sure your pet gets plenty of activity, you’re ensuring that they’ll have a happy and healthy life. Check out some more information about pet exercise here and here.