Cinco De Meow-o! Cat Adoption Tips

Purrfect Cat Adoption Tips

Instead of Cinco de Mayo, we’re celebrating Cinco de Meow-o! In honor of this purrfect holiday, we want to offer five great adoption tips for bringing home a new feline friend:

  • Get Acquainted – It’s important to spend time with any cat you’re thinking about adopting. Getting to know a cat on a personal level before making a choice can lead to a more positive adoption experience.
  • Purrsonality Matters – It’s important to pick a cat that has a personality that is compatible with yours. For example, if you’re looking for a lap cat, you’ll want to choose a cat or kitten that is comfortable being held and pet.
  • Compatible Lifestyles – Kittens may be cute, but they require a lot of initial training and commitment. Make sure you have the time to commit to training a kitten. Adult cats are usually housebroken, have a routine of their own, and are usually not as demanding as kittens.
  • Overall Health – You should always ask about the health of a cat you’re thinking about adopting. Check with staff about vaccinations and any health issues. Ask for a medical record to show to your vet during your pet’s first exam.
  • Visit a Vet – It’s important to have your vet examine your new pet right after adoption. Your vet will make an assessment of your pet’s health and advise you about follow-up vaccinations and future examinations.

Regardless of the cat you select, adopting a feline friend means you’re committing to him or her for the rest of their life—which can mean up to 20 years of age or more. That is why it’s so important to make the right decision for you and for the cat! You can learn more about adopting a cat here or here.