Allergies in Pets


Spring is in the air! Dogs and cats suffer from allergies just like people do during this time of year. Here is what to look out for to see if your pet is having seasonal allergies:

  • Symptoms – While people normally have allergies involving the respiratory tract, dog and cat allergies usually have skin irritation, called allergic dermatitis. Occasionally you’ll also see itchy runny eyes, ears infections, and sneezing.
  • Behavior – When your dog or cat has allergies they will become very itchy and start scratching excessively or bite/chew specific areas of the body. Sometimes you’ll see them rubbing up against the furniture to get to the affected area.
  • Treatment – Keep your dog or cat clean with regular bathing and make sure their bed is washed regularly. Remedies may include anything from a prescription shampoo or an antihistamine to natural remedies like coconut oil.

In addition to seasonal allergies, pets may have food or other environmental allergies. Of course, the best plan of action in treating pet allergies would be to consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to properly assess the allergen and tell you what would be the best way to treat it. More information and tips can be found here.