Animal Advocacy & Foster Network

Many of us consider our pets to be members of our family — and survivors of domestic violence are no different. Sadly, 71% of domestic violence victims report that their abuser has threatened, harmed, or even killed their pets as a way to exert power and control. Concern about their four-legged family members if they were to flee and be unable to take their pets with them often keeps victims in abusive and dangerous situations. With over 36,000 domestic violence 911 calls annually in Oklahoma City alone, that’s a lot of pets in potentially dangerous situations.

To better protect survivors of all species in our community, we have created the Animal Advocacy Program at Palomar. In addition to a full-time staff member dedicated to the needs of our animal family members, we are working to build a network of foster parents who can provide a safe home to our furry, feathered, and reptilian friends. These angels will allow our human survivors to focus on their needs and finding a safe home until they can bring their entire family back together away from their abuser.

If you are interested in providing a safe home for an abused animal in our community, please fill out this form on the Palomar website. The minimum commitment for fostering is 3 months — the average amount of time it takes a survivor to get back on their feet after leaving an abuser. 

If you have additional questions about the program please contact